Friday, December 23, 2016

Best Part-time Job Options for Seniors - Comfort Keepers San Mateo

We have been talking about entrepreneurship in senior years a few days back when we cited numerous reports of seniors getting very much successful with entrepreneurship and shattering the age-old concept that seniors can’t do new things or can’t start new ventures after retirement.

However, there may be situations when your senior loved one is not so bent on being a full time dedicated entrepreneur or on starting their own thing. Physics and psychology may not always allow this. Even then, they can easily opt for a suitable part-time job that would keep them engaged and infused in a meaning life.

Here we have sorted out some of the best options for our senior loved to choose as a part-time job.

Tutoring is one of the best or possibly the best part-time job option for seniors. With their massive reservoir of experience and skills, they would be the best mentors for the youngsters. So, our senior loved ones can start tutoring young people on the topic they are most experienced, interested and comfortable.

Tour Guide
This can be another great option for our elderly loved ones to engage in as a part-time vocation. If your senior loved one has an interest in history and a knack for storytelling then through being a tour guide they will find an extraordinary opportunity to be social, active and happy. And seniors are the ones who will be most acquainted with the city’s most attractive places after passing so much time around. Just make sure that they are physically capable of walking long distances and climb stairs. Hopefully, you are always there for their physical care.

Bookkeeping or Accountancy
These kinds of jobs are quite accommodating for our elderly loved ones as these require less physical and mental stress. Therefore, if your senior loved one is good at math and finance then look for any company that is looking for part-time bookkeepers or accountants. Another benefit of being involved in such kind of activities in senior years is being able to maintain a sound cognitive health.

Non-profit Professionals
Many nonprofit organizations often hire part-time professionals for various administrative positions. So, look for such organizations in your locality and enquire whether they are hiring for marketing, fundraising or any such positions.

Or in case that your senior loved one is mostly looking for sincere engagement and meaningful activities in their lives without any consideration of monetary compensation than you can anytime choose to volunteer for any worthy cause that calls you most intensely.

There are numerous benefits of engaging in a part-time position in senior years after retirement. Apart from the economic boost, you will get the opportunity of having a more fulfilling, active and meaningful life in declining years. So, if you are considering to do one, start without any further hesitation. For any help and support regarding senior care, health and well-being do not hesitate to contact Comfort Keepers!

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