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Tips and Suggestions to Follow while Providing Dementia Care

Tips and Suggestions to Follow while Providing Dementia Care

We know that giving dementia care is the hardest of all caregiving circumstances. Nurturing a senior experiencing dementia demands the highest amount of determination, persistence and mastery from the part of the caregiver. Directing care by a casual caregiver in the event of dementia is very inadequate and unsuccessful. It can not only be impeding for the individual getting the care but also harmful for the one engaged in giving care. Moreover, there are some essential things to know while managing dementia.

We know how upsetting and overpowering it might appear at first when your cherished one is diagnosed to have dementia. There are such a variety of issues to concentrate on and numerous imperative choices to make. To feel befuddled and completely at a loss is very normal from your part. Along these lines, we have carefully amassed the most essential suggestions, tips and advices for you to follow in the coming of such a circumstance. We have listed those beneath. These are the core knowledge assembled from the boundless experience of the Comfort Keepers giving Dementia Care all through every one of these years. By following these you will have the capacity to know all the complex issues related to dementia care; furthermore the things to do and the things not to do while you have a friend or family member experiencing dementia. Read on to know them in details.

Mistakes to Avoid from the Starting Point

When one of our friends and family is diagnosed to have dementia we frequently wind up committing some risky errors because of the absence of appropriate learning. At times the sheer anxiety of the moment obstructs the best approach to clear thinking and commits us to do those errors. Along these lines, it will be keen for us that we attempt to know about these conceivable missteps heretofore and keep away from them in real life. Observe the two most harmful and basic errors we frequently end up making while taking choices for the eventual fate of our dementia diagnosed friend or family:

Making Delay in Getting Professional Help

A standout amongst the most well-known mistakes that frequently the groups of dementia sufferers do is to not look for professional assistance from the earliest starting point or from the minute the individual is diagnosed to have dementia. They do as such on the grounds that at first the persons suffering from dementia is quite capable of taking care of themselves as the symptoms related to dementia is progressive and gradually becomes more extreme. However, it ought to dependably be remembered that if proficient consideration is looked for from the earliest starting point it will be incredibly beneficial for the sufferer to receive help while they are no more equipped for dealing with themselves as the side effects gradually advance to serious stages. Hence never commit this error and connect for professional help when your cherished one is diagnosed to have dementia.

Attempting to Rely on Informal Care

Another of those harming slip-ups that we regularly wind up making while choosing for our friends and family with dementia is to depending on casual caregivers originating from the interior circles of the family and companions. We may do that simply out of immaculate adoration and genuine aims of helping our friends and family, yet in doing this we overlook the one most significant element that dementia consideration is no ordinary caregiving circumstance. The need of a specialist and experienced guardian is superlatively crucial here, or else it will unavoidably transform into an incapacitating circumstance both for the caregiver and the beneficiary. Thus, never commit this error and get expert and experienced help for your friends and family experiencing dementia immediately!

Helping Seniors with Dementia to Make Decisions

The individuals who have involvement in regulating dementia care know extremely well how troublesome it might get for the individuals experiencing dementia to make right decisions. Not to mention the basic choices, it often gets to be unimaginable for them to settle on choices on even everyday normal issues. In this circumstance they often may wind up settling on harmful choices on basic issues that can't be altered and the harm is done. Subsequently, to maintain a strategic distance from such grave issues it is obligatory for the friends and family or the caregivers around to reliably help them while taking any decisions on critical matters. You can follow these rules to help your friends and family experiencing dementia to make decisions.

•             Never let the seniors experiencing dementia alone. In any case, it doesn't imply that you must be with them day and night - every minute of every day. Just sufficiently keep consideration so you don't allow them to be alone in times of taking basic choices like taking prescriptions or going to meet with a specialist.

•             Discuss with them with tolerance taking as much time as required. At the point when the senior is confronting such a basic leadership situation before them that is essential but they need to make it by themselves; focus and converse with them. Try not to carry on as though you are driving choices upon them. Your state of mind ought to be unbiased and objective however in the meantime you ought to precisely drive them towards settling on the right choice.

•             Make a power of attorney when your cherished one is diagnosed to have dementia but still able to make the right choices. It is the most secure thing to do in light of the fact that soon the time will come when serious decisions will have to be taken and they might not be able to take them. In this way, if a power of attorney is set up, you will effectively have the capacity to take the right choices for the benefit of them.

Tips for Having Effective Communication with Your Loved Ones Suffering from Dementia

In case of dementia or any other forms of it like Alzheimer’s one of the most tormenting difficulty is establishing effective communication between the caregiver and the receiver. In advanced phases of dementia it frequently gets to be hard to utilize language legitimately. In this circumstance having significant discussions with the persons experiencing it might turn out to be verging on unthinkable. However, at the same time, effective communication is crucial for the fulfilment of any caregiving circumstance. So, how would you propose to solve this grave problem? Follow these tips and recommendations to build up a firm communicative connection with you cherished one with dementia and make you correspondences effective and meaningful.

•             Always be respectful. Keep in mind that correspondence with dementia patients will require tolerance from your part. You need to persistently hear them out and dependably be deferential to them. Your respect ought to be spontaneous and acknowledged; and ought to be obvious in your tone and disposition.

•             Talk as clearly as could be expected under the circumstances. Be specific in your style and selection of words and expressions. Pass on messages in little bits and straightforward sentences. Try not to utilize similitudes, incongruities, mockeries or whatever other types of abstractions.

•             Do not interrupt them while they are talking to you. Intruding on them may break their chain of thoughts and may bring about confusion and emotional turmoil. Along these lines, sit tight for them to complete and after that answer later.

•             Show your consistent attention. While having a correspondence try to keep up consistent eye contact with your adored one experiencing dementia. Ensure that you are mindful to them and they are likewise aware of your consideration.

•             Give them enough time to react to you. If there should arise an occurrence of dementia it is common for the individual to forget about the line of events. So permit them to be quiet and give appropriate time to break down and answer to your questions or discourses.

•             Always keep your calm and never demonstrate even a touch of irritating vibration or tone towards them. This may make them feel appalling without you even noticing it.

These recommendations, suggestions, tips and guidelines will clearly take you quite far in adequately taking care of your friends and family experiencing dementia. For any extra help or support do not delay in contacting Comfort Keepers Dementia Care Services.

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Dementia Details from Comfort Keepers

The principal thing to recognize regarding dementia is that it is not a specific mental sickness. An arrangement of side effects and symptoms joined along conjure the condition referred to as dementia. The appearance of any one or a larger quantity of those indications can be diagnosed as dementia. Comfort Keepers Senior Care Services San Jose is always alert and proactive to advise and illuminate the people of those problems and to defend the seniors from the onset of these signs.

Signs and Symptoms of Dementia
Almost all of the symptoms of dementia usually belong to the following classes or varieties. So have a look at them below and always be on the lookout for them:

The most widely known sign of dementia is weakness of memory. Commonly tackling problems like difficulty in retaining short term memory. In such cases consistent expert care like Comfort Keepers Senior Care Services San Jose becomes very much essential.

Correspondence and Language
Another indication of dementia is tackling problems with intelligible communication and hassle with the utilization of language. In spite of the fact that, this happens in more advanced phases of dementia; hints of it would be discernible quite early.

Concentration and Attention
Another usual symptom of dementia is the diminished concentration level and reduced capability to administer thought or attention on things. Because of this downside, some other totally different problems like facing difficulty while planning and taking care of requirements and withdrawal from work or society might occur.

Thinking and Judgment
Often the individual experiencing dementia might wind up lacking capability to reason and assess circumstances naturally. This may prompt taking damaging decisions on exceptionally basic problems.

Visual Perception
Visual difficulties like poor vision, trouble in perceiving distances, trouble in deciding shades and distinction of colors and problem in reading will often be one amongst the signs of dementia.
Be that as it may, onset of any one or a greater quantity of this indications does not by default imply that dementia is real the state of affairs. These conditions might simply grow ordinarily with age or for some totally different reasons too. Along these lines, for whatever reasons, if such symptoms are discovered, it will be smart to counsel a specialist in real time. Alternately, for any help relating to these problems do not delay to contact Comfort Keepers Senior Care Services San Jose.

Preventive Measures for Dementia
As in the majority of the cases dementia isn’t fully treatable, therefore the most ideal approach to managing it is to be on the protective side as may well be expected. In this case prevention is certainly better than cure. Be that as it may, some danger components of dementia like hereditary qualities and age cannot be averted. However, even after that, there are a few measures that may be taken to viably avert some reasons of dementia.

Comfort Keepers Alzheimer’s Care San Mateo is continually involved and proactive to illuminate the masses of these preventive measures and to defend the regarded seniors from the onset of the signs. Read on to know more about the preventive measures that you can follow to combat the risk factors of dementia.
Introductory move towards neutralizing dementia very much looks like some other cardinal rule of maintaining prosperous health. Do whatever it takes not to smoke, don’t drink exorbitantly, keep blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol inside the cutoff limits and maintain a healthy weight. Just these are sufficient to take you a long course in deflecting dementia and also in retaining a perfect health.

Regular Exercises
Commonplace physical exercise is validated to be very effective in keeping some forms of dementia away. Continually having suitable quantity of physical activities facilitates smooth blood and oxygen delivery to the brain cells and ultimately prevents cerebrum cell damage that is the reason for dementia. Therefore, Interactive Caregiving from Comfort Keepers Alzheimer’s Care San Mateo gives utmost accentuation on the significance of bodily engagement.

Healthy Diet
A healthy eating habit is an unquestionable requirement for fending off dementia. Lesser quantity of red meat and noteworthy accentuation on whole grains, veggies, fruits, fish and other wholesome fats might be your directing milestone in constructing a weight loss plan or healthy diet program.

Above all, at whatever point you’re detecting the closeness of the risk components for dementia or Alzheimer’s and feeling the need of taking preventive measures for your cherished seniors at home contact Comfort Keepers Alzheimer’s Care San Mateo immediately!

Challenges of Dementia Care
Dementia is one of the most prominently difficult mental situations. In the event of dementia some mental capacities related to memory and other cognitive ability to perform regular undertakings are hampered so much that the individual is no longer able to lead a normal daily life.
In any case, caregivers throughout the world consider dementia care as one of the toughest caregiving conditions of them all. Generally the problems emerge due to the complicacies involved with the condition and the utmost level of competency required from the part of the caregiver. Caregivers here at Comfort Keepers Dementia Care San Jose are aware about the difficulties and are adequately trained to combat them.

Care Is the Only Effective Solution
To tell the truth, there’s no treatment to dementia that can absolutely cure it. Albeit a few remedies are reachable to manage the symptoms and to arrest their advancement a little, for the most part, ultimately, we have to turn to human attention, assistance and help to manage dementia. Henceforth, care providers like Comfort Keepers Dementia Care San Jose has a significant role to play here.

Extensively Trained Caregivers Are Essential
As dementia is an absolutely mental circumstance the individual experiencing it would seem like essentially wild once in a while. What is more, if the caregiver isn’t prepared and experienced sufficiently to manage such grave a situation, it will be silly to anticipate any result from the arrangement. Along these lines, the most important thing to do is to prepare the caregivers sufficiently and to train adequate number of caregivers.
A Truly Emotional Phenomenon

Looking over a man experiencing dementia is a ceaseless and strenuous procedure. Likewise with time the symptoms will continuously become more substantial and the extent of caregiving too will in reality end up being more stringent. So the measure of emotional strength that is required in the caregiver is massive.

Now, you genuinely recognize what we are trying to deal with here, don’t you? Hence, for any expert and experienced assistance on dementia touch comfort Keepers Dementia Care San Jose without delay!

Comfort Keepers Dementia Care Services
As the intimidating challenges of giving dementia care have to be met, hence the presence of top quality professional care facilities like Comfort Keepers Senior Care Redwood City is vital for our seniors. Accordingly, to fulfill this basic yet outstanding commitment with devotion and passion Comfort Keepers Senior Care Redwood City is working round the clock to help the community deal with this grave issue.

Tending to seniors experiencing any type of dementia requires extra measures and efforts more than any other senior care administrations and Comfort Keepers are all throughout arranged to fight against the difficulties. We’re continually searching for chances to upgrade and enhance our techniques and approaches. Recently we’ve teamed up with the most regarded dementia expert of America Laura Wayman, “The Dementia Whisperer”.

Other than this Comfort Keepers Senior Care Redwood City is constantly vigilant for even more updated and developed innovations to fuse into our dementia caregiving forms. We are putting forth the most recent advances in technology like Family Room, Home Safety Assessment and CareGuard to assure that not even a single aspect of providing exceptional care is left untouched.

Our Comfort Keepers are immeasurably skilled and immensely organized in every one of the capabilities of giving dementia care. They are aware of the emotional, physical and mental impacts of caregiving on the seniors and on themselves to such an extent, that they’re capable of phenomenally remodeling each obstacle into their approach for profiting the both.
Currently, with Laura Wayman in the institution, we are anticipating much more dynamic caregiving from now on in the area of dementia care administrations from Comfort Keepers. With her critical intelligence, unbelievable understanding and massive experience of two decades she will be able to direct our caregivers to become the best in giving Dementia Care to our customers.

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Latest Technologies from Comfort Keepers

Comfort Keepers have been giving quality senior care administrations for over 18 years now. World has changed considerably a lot this while and with time the caregiving scenario too has changed like the various divisions of our lives. Comfort Keepers Home Health Care San Mateo is also evolving dependably and grasping improvement. They too have changed a great deal and have consolidated different more current and enhanced components into the caregiving forms. Mechanical advancements and developments are positive standouts amongst the most critical of such enhancements and changes.
With time technological innovation have greatly impacted all of human life on earth. It seems as if it has actually changed the actual substance of the earth. It has changed and enhanced Comfort Keepers’ method for giving care as well. Different technological components have been incorporated into the field of caregiving all through history. In any case, as of late Comfort Keepers have brought three noteworthy technological developments into their procedures that has improved caregiving and receiving techniques tremendously.
Have a look at these new developments below:

Family Room

A standout amongst the most agonizing issues we confront when our loved ones are in their declining years is relocating them from their homes. Home, where they have been living for so many years; where they have passed the most of their lives. Normally we ourselves would prefer not to disjoin them from their own natural surroundings at an age when they require emotional peace the most.
Be that as it may, with time we need to move to different spots. On the other hand regardless of the fact that even if we stay with them we can’t be with them all the time. More often than not we must be occupied with our work and they have to be in solitude in the house. You may utilize a caregiver for being with them and dealing with them, however and still after all that, you feel always stressed for not having the capacity to be with them to guarantee the full care and security. We at Comfort Keepers In-Home Care Redwood City can feel how you are feeling.
What’s more, to deal with this issue successfully, Comfort Keepers In-Home Care San Mateo City has presented Family Room – a creative innovation to associate you and your entire family with your cherished seniors living alone at home with the caregivers.
Family room is a secured and well developed web platform that will associate you, your relatives, the caregivers and our office so that every one of us can cooperate for guaranteeing the best care to our cherished and regarded seniors.
Through Family Room you can sign into your account at whatever time, from anyplace and any gadget to screen what’s happening at home. You can always be in contact with the elderly and the Comfort Keepers to examine issues and share data. You can survey care logs, set timetable occasions, and watch out for the medicine plan. All these from a solitary stage; comfortable handhelds! Just with Comfort Keepers In-Home Care San Mateo.


Caregivers are Comfort Keepers. Hence, finding out the best caregivers for the seniors is the top most priority and the basic most need. A Comfort Keeper has to be calm and collected. They have to be devoted and passionate. Above all they have to be endowed with all the humane capacities that the task of caregiving essentially requires. So, finding out the best caregivers is not a simple task. To make the process of finding, screening and selecting Comfort Keepers easy and effective we have developed a new digital technique named the CareGuard.
To guarantee that the trust is never broken and you continue getting the ideal care humanly possible Comfort Keepers Home Health Care San Mateo executes innovation apart from a firm and thorough enlisting technique and screening methods. CareGuard is one of them.
While selecting the caregivers for the interview we have to go through hundreds of resumes and call only the most fitting ones for the interview. During the interview and the screening process we look for integrity, compassion and reliability in the applicants and do a thorough background check on each one of them to find out the most trustworthy and capable ones.
Even this is not where we stop! After this rigorous interviewing and screening process we keep our caregivers under the supervision of CareGuard for a year!
What CareGuard does is keep guard on the Comfort Keepers for the whole year and looks for any discrepancies or deviation from the original message that we got from them while the interview.
Although rarely happens, if any such issues are detected, we instantly start working on resolving the problem through whatever means possible. We provide related counselling and training specific to the needs of the caregiver. This way you keep getting the best quality care from our Comfort Keepers

Home Safety Assessment

Another of the three new technological arrivals is the innovative Home Safety Assessment methodology that has been developed after thorough research driven data analysis. Home Safety Assessment is essential for keeping your homestead totally safe for the beloved seniors and to prevent accidents like Elderly above the age of 65 are always at risk of having sudden falls. Along with it, if other physical impairments like movement problems, eye sight issues, dizziness and heavy medication is involved then the chances of having a fall even doubles. In this situation you just don’t know what can lead to a dangerous accident and the next place you find your self is in the ICU. You definitely don’t want that to happen, do you?
What is more dangerous is that the elements or hazards that may lead to such incidents are very elusive. Even a mere fold of the carpet may easily lead to a fall and cause damage. So, you always have to be very careful about these issues. Our home safety assessment experts are trained in finding out these potential threats. Besides, they are equipped with the Home Safety Assessment methodology, which have been developed after thorough research on such incidents and causes.
After their review is complete our home safety experts will analyze all the rooms and corners of your home and will send you a detailed report on the safety measures including the images of the danger elements and treats that they have found. With this you will easily be able to take necessary measures to fix the issues. You may also take the help of our experts in eliminating the dangers that they have detected and make your home totally safe for our beloved seniors.
At this point we can surely hope that the coming days will bring many such developed and beneficial technologies that will make our lives even easier than it is now.
However, for now be satisfied with whatever we have and take a look at these awesome technologies from Comfort Keepers Home Health Care San Mateo in details in the following videos:  

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Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Impact of Caregiving on Caregivers

Caregiving can turn out to be diabolical for untrained and inexperienced caregivers. The scenario is even more severe in case of the unpaid caregivers coming from the inner circle of family and friends of the senior in need of care. Reports suggest that most of the caregivers belonging to this category are not much prepared and supported; therefore, face negative physical, mental and emotional health consequences. On the other hand, it can become a blessing in all form for the caregivers equipped with the right knowledge and right attitude like Elder Care San Jose Comfort Keepers.

Here’s a detailed overview on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impact of caregiving on caregivers observing and explaining both formal and informal conditions:.
Physical Impact of Caregiving on Informal Caregivers
Taking care of an elderly is not an easy task. It has serious physical and mental implications for those who are not trained and experienced enough in dealing with such a heavy responsibility. A report conducted In 2005 found out that three-fifths of informal caregivers suffer from poor health condition. Caregivers are prone to be affected by chronic conditions like heart attack, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and cancer at almost double the rate of non caregivers. They also report having other physical issues including acid reflux and headaches, along with having high levels of obesity and physical pain.
Being engaged in caregiving is so strenuous and exhausting for unprofessional informal caregivers that it leaves no time and energy for them to look after their own health. Hence, they end up lacking self care resulting in more debilitating physical health. It is reported that nearly 72% of family caregivers do not get the opportunity to see a doctor as often as they need and more than 55% of them missed medical appointments.
Physical Impact of Caregiving on Comfort Keepers’ Caregivers
If in the place of the informal family caregivers, Comfort Keepers from Elder Care San Jose  would have been involved there - armed with their training, experience and wisdom on how to care and be cared at the same time - the picture would have been a whole lot different or even opposite in effects.
As Comfort Keepers Elder Care San Jose Know all the issues related to caregiving and are experienced in handling and coping with all the pressure and complexities arising from a caregiver’s condition and unique place in existence. They are able to turn every disadvantage magically into their own favor. By taking regular care of the seniors they end up being more regular in their own physical care. Along with being more cautious about the health of the elderly they at the same time become aware of their own health related implications. So, in case of formal caregivers caregiving is very beneficial for their own physical well being.
Mental Impact of Caregiving on Caregivers
The mental impacts of caregiving is probably even graver than those of physical ones. Continuously strenuous caregiving takes a heavy toll on the mental health of the caregiver, especially if they are not trained and experienced enough. But at the same time it has some very valued mental impacts too. And in case of the Comfort Keepers Alzheimer’s Care San Jose Impacts of caregiving can prove to be mentally therapeutic instead of debilitating.
Caregivers, if not trained, suffer higher risks of depression. Studies have found out that up to 70% of informal caregivers show significant amount of clinically depressive symptoms. Whereas they were supposed to help fight seniors against depression, the caregiver burden ends up taking themselves into the realm of depression. It may even lead some of them to insomnia, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.  
Caregiving is so stressful that it has been studied as a model for chronic stress situations in medical and psychological studies. So, you can easily realize how an unaccustomed member of your family, suddenly being entrusted upon so crucial a responsibility, may end up feeling in such a  situation. How stressed and frustrated they may feel at times.
However, there are people, very rare, who even after facing the brunt of this physical hardship and mental pressure, are able to go beyond their limits and reach the point where helping and supporting others becomes as much beneficial to their mental health as receiving it. They realise how noble a task fortune has entrusted upon them and what it really means to be able to help the near and dear ones in distress.
This feeling is even more powerful to the Alzheimer’s Care San Jose Comfort Keepers because they take up this profession after realising this truth; hence, are able to help the seniors in a more profound manner and at the same time they themselves become mentally stronger and more peaceful instead of feeling distressed, depressed and frustrated.  
Emotional Impact of Caregiving on Caregivers
Caregiving is tough. Various situations arise vast in complexities and deeper in consequences. Not everybody would be able to deal with such conditions involving real time stress along with mental and physical pressure. An ability to adapt and persevere with hardship has to be developed. It requires rigorous training and years of experience to rightly deal with the emotional quagmire that a job like senior caregiving may bring forward.
An unaccustomed caregiver may easily get overwhelmed with the emotional impact that the unfiltered reality of the situation has to offer. It is very natural for them to feel frustrated, depressed angry, exhausted and helpless or guilty as a result of providing continuous care to our seniors. Only the caregivers who are well aware of such situations and are experienced enough in dealing with them are able to cope with and contain such an emotional phenomenon.  
Uninformed and unprepared caregivers often report growing a sense of meaninglessness, loss of self esteem, constant feeling of worry and uncertainty. It grows even more so because of their not being able to make a real difference in the life of their beloved elderly as they never really knew how to to do that at the first place. Hence, gradually they become even less confident and loss the feeling of their control over things.
All these negative impacts of caregiving can be reversed, if only the caregivers are trained beforehand and are well informed with proper knowledge to deal with such complex conditions as Comfort Keepers Alzheimer’s Care Redwood City are. In such a case they gradually grow a sense of emotional fulfilment for being able to help others and make a valued difference in the lives of others. A philosophic emotional strength grabs a hold on to their inner being enabling them to become peaceful and blissful by time and thus making them even more capable in their vocation of providing elderly care services like Comfort Keepers Alzheimer’s Care Redwood City.   
Spiritual Impact of Caregiving on Caregivers
Highly rewarding tasks, by default, are also high in difficulty and complexity. Caregiving is definitely one of them. But the rewards that caregiving offers to the caregivers are not material; they are rewards of spiritual and emotional significance. It is something that rewards the being in essence. So, the hardship that comes along with it is also somewhat graver in consequences. Reaping the spiritual harvest out of caregiving too is not easy for the uninitiated. But for seasoned caregivers like  Comfort Keepers Home Care San Mateo it’s intensely spiritual.
Caregiving teaches the most important lessons to the caregivers that to live is to love. Through their vocation they are able to learn how to love unconditionally; how to love selflessly. Through their selfless service they get the opportunity to rise beyond all the lower human boundaries and to reach the highest of humanity.
They know all these cares; all these sleepless hours are not in vain. These bring light to families, ignite hope in hearts and bring smile to faces. These are simply invaluable to them. It is the harvest that the Home Care San Mateo Comfort Keepers reap while taking care of our seniors. No matter how hard in complexity and difficulty the situation may become they know at the end they will be able make a difference. They will be able to add life to lives. And that’s what matters to them the most and pushes them forward with a bright heart amidst the storms of all kind.
Moreover, for being with many seniors and their families throughout their career they get to know their lives from  a very intimate perspective, which enriches their own understanding of life and existence as a whole. They are able to see and assimilate different point of views and true stories from real life moments into their own being. Thus continually keep on enlarging their selves and minds.
Above all Comfort Keepers Home Care San Mateo caregivers through their divine profession of caregiving get to realise the true purpose of life itself. The real meaning of existence - to be able to make a difference; to be able to spread love and happiness and to be able make your existence truly valued.
So, the only solution to caregiver burden and the negative impacts of caregiving on untrained informal caregivers is professional caregiving services like Comfort Keepers Elder Care San Jose. Only then the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impacts of caregiving on the caregivers will remain on the positive side of the spectrum.