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Impacts of End of Life Care - Comfort Keepers San Mateo

End of Life. Passing away. We know it is coming yet we don't precisely know when it will come.
For our young people the contemplations of death is not much of a reality and for us grown-ups too dying does not appear to be an imminent concern. Yet, the tragic thing is that for our adored seniors the circumstance is somewhat distinctive. They realize that the hour is nearing. It is just about peeping at the doorway.

In this regard, we from Comfort Keepers San Mateo In-Home Care Services give an exceptional consideration to our adored seniors named the End of Life Care. From the name itself it is very clear what the administration is about. However, our present focus towards this blog entry is to examine how critical End of Life Care truly is and the amount of quality it truly adds to the lives of our adored seniors and their families.

What Is End of Life
We realize that knowing when we will actually pass away is not in the least conceivable. Things being what they are, how might we characterize the end of life period?
It is frequently seen that even when the specialists may say that an individual won't live over a week, in all actuality he may continue battling with death for over a year. Furthermore, on occasions even after specialists' adage that there aren't any impending peril the individual may pass away within weeks. Along these lines, characterizing the precise time of death is close to incomprehensible.
Be that as it may, we can surely say that when we achieve the declining years of our lives we are confronting the end of life period.

The Impact of the Moment
There is no compelling reason to say more on how much difficult it is for us when one of our friends and family are in their last days and we are in trepidation of their abandoning us soon. The melancholy is wild yet so inescapable. This is general and universal. Every one of us need to face this general agony many times in our lives. Be that as it may, it's being all inclusive or unavoidable not the slightest bit diminishes its effect on us.
Aside from being excruciating for us to a great degree, we can without much of a stretch envision what amount of torment it might be for our seniors themselves while confronting the assurance of death. They may feel extremely upset and discouraged; and may find it exceptionally hard to adapt to the accompanying shock. To some the apprehension of the obscure abyss may set in and torment the mind to a considerable extent.
In such circumstances support and care, physically, emotionally and spiritually, from a sympathetic guardian who is knowledgeable about working through such basic conditions of lives can render huge mental strength and emotional peace. This is the fundamental goal of our End of Life care from Comfort Keepers Elder Care Services.

Getting Ready
In older times coincidental sudden deaths because of different mishaps, contaminations or untreatable infections were much more prominent in number than it is now. Presently with the progression of human civilization and therapeutic science such occurrences are exceptionally uncommon. In this way, now the greater part of us pass away after subsequently passing our lives and our declining years, thus we get the chance to plan however much as could reasonably be expected for our end of life period. To make the most out of this respectable opportunity there could be nothing superior to our End of Life Care from Comfort Keepers.
Through our End of Life Care we take all the measures for guaranteeing the solace of our friends and family in their last days. We cover both of the hospice and palliative consideration structures and join them to deliver the best impacts. We guarantee that our loved seniors don't need to confront any more agony in their last days and part us with however much bliss and exuberance as could be expected.

Extra Care
Additionally, the End of Life Care accompanies the various other administrations of normal home care services or senior care administrations from our caregivers at the same time. Administrations like-washing, dressing, and toileting help for your cherished one, clothing, sustenance readiness, camaraderie and so on are also incorporated inside the administration techniques. What's more, the entire family gets a complimentary and calming time to be quiet with their friends and family.

Pain Management for the Whole Family
When we have a friend or family member among us who is confronting the end time of their life it is exceptionally common for some stinging inquiries to emerge in our psyches alongside the torment and bewilderment of the time.
Questions like-
What amount of time do we truly have with our cherished one?
Is there any treatment to manage the torment they are feeling considerably more?
What will be the following stages?
What would we be able to do to help our friends and family and ourselves to facilitate the agony?
What will be most agreeable for our loved ones?
These inquiries are absorbed in heart tearing torment for our friends and family. Comfort Keepers San Mateo wants to be the response for the greater part of such inquiries of yours through the End of Life Care administrations. In this our End of Life Care service will be a kind of pain management course for the entire family.

At last, we can just say that we know we won't have the capacity to win over the inevitable, yet we can without any doubt coordinate to mitigate the agony away and bond together better to “rage against the dying of the light”.

Along these lines, at whatever point you are confronting this unavoidable truth of life and are very nearly leaving from a friend or family member, don't hesitate even a bit to tell us.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Great Apps for Our Seniors That Will Make Their Life Very Easy

Great Apps for Our Seniors That Will Make Their Life Very Easy

The perception that our seniors are very little aware of technology is genuine no more. Presently the baby boomers have invested enough energy with innovation to wind up becoming very efficient in utilizing it. What is most imperative to note here is that innovation has even enhanced the life of our cherished seniors extensively. Presently, there are mobile applications that are particularly intended for them to utilize; and what's more, to make their life simpler.
We, here from Comfort Keepers Senior Care Services, have screened the smartphone app industry to come up with the most ideal applications that were either developed for the seniors as a main priority or simply by nature are valuable for them. Some are free and to get some of these you may need to spend a bit of cash.
In any case, these apps are certain to increase the value of our seniors' computerized experience to a great extent.


WebMD is a definitive and the most genuine destination for all the wellbeing cognizant individuals to get valuable wellbeing tips, articles, and other helpful materials. What’s more fascinating is that now they have an easy to utilize application for getting to their immense pool of wellbeing and therapeutic learning. Also, it is absolutely free!


It is an extremely valuable application for medication administration. At the declining age the remedies are bound to wind up complex and monitoring drug admission timetables is certain to become a tough task. In such circumstances wrong admission of pharmaceuticals often prompts wellbeing risks. In this regard Pillboxie is an extremely compelling app in overseeing and planning your prescriptions.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is an exciting scrabble amusement and one of the extremely all created games in its class. With it you can play and make words with your companions online and offer results on the web. Along these lines you not just get the capacity to use your spare time with delight, additionally get the capacity to have some activity for your mind muscles.


Netflix is positively fit for turning into the one stop entertainment destination for our cherished seniors. Through this single application you can access boundless films, shows, serials, and television broadcasts. Thus, with this introduced in their smartphones our seniors are never to feel forlorn and bored any more.

TED Talks

Who doesn’t require some inspiration sometimes? Who wouldn’t like to be motivated by splendid personalities giving addresses at TED occasions around the world? What's more intriguing is that now you have an application for watching boundless number of TED Talks on you smartphone. Other than being inspired and motivated, TED Talks surely are an exceptionally charming spot to learn new things and to pick up enthralling and new information.

Dragon Dictation

Indeed, even our young folks often get drained at always tapping on to the screen and may discover a bit help with it extremely helpful every now and then. Dragon Dictation is such an assistance. It will straightforwardly take vocal requests from you to operate your phone. You can likewise utilize it for writing only just through talking to it. Our seniors may think that it’s exceptionally helpful to utilize their cell phones with a more quick witted way with Dragon Dictation.


Prismatic is fundamentally an application for news perusing. We realize that our seniors simply love to read news and also be constantly connected with the methods for the world. Consequently, this application will be extremely convenient for them. It brings together all the current and slanting news from different distributers into a solitary simple to skim screen. All the top news offices fused into a single application!


It is another such drug administration application that will make overseeing complex prescriptions a truly simple errand. Simply enter the names of the medications and the measurements into the application and it will remind you itself when to take your prescriptions and the amount to take it. Thus, with Medisafe introduced into your gadget you will never need to stress over recalling your prescription plans once more.

Mint Bills and Money

This is a splendid application for putting away and dealing with the greater part of your bill paying exercises. Store all the specifics of your consistent bills into it and it will tell you when they are expected and how much you will need to pay. It is extremely helpful for seniors who live by their own and need to oversee paying all their bills themselves. It regularly happens that we overlook paying bills and end up paying the fines. With this application such is never going to happen again.


With Audible you get the opportunity to transform your cell phone into a storyteller. Yes, it is an application which have all the book recordings of the world only for you to appreciate. It will be extremely pleasant for our seniors, as with age an excessive amount of perusing may turn out to be exceptionally exhausting for their eyes. Thus, give your eyes a bit rest, and get this application.

Geriatric Depression Scale

Yes, now you can gauge the level of sorrow you are presently in. With Geriatric Depression Scale you get the opportunity to answer an arrangement of survey out of which the application will produce the level of your depression. This application can be exceptionally useful to seniors who are effectively battling against depression. With this you will be able to track your day to day levels of gloom and will be ready to get steadily out of it.

Luminosity Brain Trainer

For keeping your mind and cerebrum dynamic and exceptionally working Luminosity Brain Trainer application can be an extremely valuable instrument. Through this application you can play numerous mind engaging games and amusements and can likewise access different preparing modules to effectively animate your mind into more elevated amounts of activity. This can be useful for our darling seniors to keep their brain dynamic and mind highly active.

Easy Facebook for Seniors

I wager you didn't realize that there is a different application for seniors to get to Facebook. Yes, there is. Through Easy Facebook for Seniors our adored seniors get the opportunity to utilize facebook and be associated with loved ones through an all the more simple to explore and mess free interface. Thus facebooking for seniors turns out to be truly simple.

Blood Pressure Monitor

No, it won't estimate your blood pressure; you yourself need to sustain it with the information. You have to put your blood pressure measurements into it each time you measure your pulse. What's more, it will screen the ascent and fall in your pulse and make straightforward graphs of your blood pressure activities for a timeframe. It will likewise advise with different proposals concerning pulse control, if necessary. Along these lines, with it your blood pressure will remain continually recorded, checked and investigated.


Clevermind is a particularly outlined application for seniors with Alzheimer's or some other types of dementia to empower and improve subjective resources with productivity. Through this application our adored seniors having dementia will have the capacity to better battle the manifestations of it. Furthermore, will get an opportunity to enhance their cognitive ability step by step.

Instant Heart Rate

Yes, now you can get acquainted with your heart rate right from your cell phones. Simply introduce Instant Heart Rate into your smartphone and it will compute your heart rate from the tip of your finger. The application employs your phone's camera to recognize the heart bits from the tip of your finger and gets the rate from that point. It is extremely helpful for anyone who is constantly concerned with wellbeing and extraordinarily valuable to our darling seniors for being always mindful of their wellbeing conditions.
 We trust that our examination and endeavors from Comfort Keepers Elder Care Services at discovering these extraordinary apps for our seniors will surely be extremely useful in making their life simpler, happier and more satisfying. We are always up and doing to locate whatever new recommendations, tips and systems we can discover for our cherished seniors. Stay associated with Comfort Keepers Home Care Services San Jose and San Mateo offices to remain updated!

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Be a Comfort Keeper. Build a Better World!

Have you ever considered life? What it truly is and how to make it advantageous? What are we doing here? Furthermore, what it truly intends to be a human? Yes, we as conscious beings now and again contemplate on such issues and riddles of life. Be that as it may, discovering answers to these inquiries are a long way from being simple.

Some say it is difficult to get to any conclusion. Also, to numerous there is an answer. Nonetheless, to some others these are simply unimportant philosophical meanderings with no genuine material connection to viable life. But, regardless of whatever you may think, without knowing these and looking for these answers, life will always appear to be inadequate. Your inspiration will ever evade you. So, you have to know what could it be that will make your life complete? What is there that will demonstrate to you your life’s goal?

Our answer from Comfort Keepers Senior Care Services to all these inquiries is to lead such an existence that will serve the humankind to endeavor towards a superior future. The decision is yours. To be the change you want to convey to the world. To be a Comfort Keeper!

Presently, let us expound the issue a bit more and clarify why we are saying as much. Give us a chance to have a look at the compensating purposes behind turning into a caregiver:

A Rewarding Vocation

The most intriguing purpose behind turning into a caregiver is the favorable position that no other occupation would have the capacity to offer to you - the peace that you will get from it. What might be more to life than having the capacity to mean something to others. To help other people and to convey satisfaction to numerous lives. What can be more peaceful to one than this?

Regarded Profession

Would you be able to envision the measure of admiration a caregiver, who devotes their life administering to others, may prompt in others. Such an individual who stays away from her own particular family to be a piece of hundred different families is regarded by all. They convey light to numerous families and show life once again to many seniors. Subsequently they can collect monstrous love and regard from those families and from others in the general public as a whole.

Knowing and Feeling Life

Another purpose for which one ought to become a caregiver is the chance to know and feel life from a wide range of point of views. All through their profession a parental figure gets the chance to nurture numerous seniors and become more acquainted with their lives from close. Through their important home care administrations they turn into a companion in need subsequently become a friend indeed. They get the opportunity to impart their own life to others and get the vibe of the lives of the seniors they get to know and administer to. Along these lines the backgrounds of our adored seniors let them see existence with more improved and more extensive viewpoints with every passing day.

Adding Immense Value to Society

Saying anything on this issue may appear to be superfluous details as we can undoubtedly acknowledge how enormously gainful caregiving or giving senior care services can be for the general public. On the off chance that even one of her child swings to caregiving, society begins improving on the very minute. Administering to an individual is nurturing the general public all in all. Looking after the individual needing care is to tend to the general public in need. As we people are what makes up the society and if any of us is out of sync then the general public overall loses its amicability.

A Meaningful Existence

In the midst of all the perplexity and mayhem of this worldly presence, on the off chance, that you ever feel like your life is aimless and purposeless then look no further and take up the work of serving the mankind. There can be no more noteworthy an occupation than committing oneself to looking after others. Through this we achieve the celestial acknowledgment of life; we achieve the moment when we converge with the entire humankind and we lose any feeling of unimportance from life.

Along these lines, now you know why our Comfort Keepers are the happiest creatures living on this planet. You can likewise get to be one of them and give your life what it truly merits!

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care Services San Mateo and San Jose is putting forth to you this transcendent chance of getting to be one of the colleague Keepers. Visit the accompanying link to know more and to apply right at this moment!

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Senior Safety, Security and Wellbeing Considerations

Safety, security and wellbeing are the most sought after things of each life here on earth. Everyone endeavors to guarantee and keep up safety and security in their lives. Nonetheless, at some defenseless phases of life these concerns turn out to be much more noteworthy and keeping them up turns out to be considerably harder. The declining age of one's life is most likely one of such phases of life while guaranteeing wellbeing, safety and security turns into the top most need for the seniors and everyone around them. Comfort Keepers In-Home Care Services San Jose caregiver are prepared experts with broad involvement in senior safety and security issues.

Here we have made an enumeration of senior safety, wellbeing and security issues for you to acknowledge and to know about while giving senior consideration. This will be massively useful for anyone required in giving senior consideration whether formal or casual.

Medication Management Safety
When you have a senior in your family the significance of medicine administration is vital. As per American Pharmacist Association just about 40 percent of all the nursing home admission of seniors are because of non-adherence or fumble of endorsed medicines.
The issue is more intense if there should be an occurrence of the seniors living freely or alone. In this way, you can clearly see that it is so vital to give appropriate consideration regarding prescription administration for our seniors.

With this specific goal to make a safeguard pharmaceutical administration methodology actualize these simple to take after tips within your procedures and never become a casualty to pharmaceutical botch in future.

Know Your Meds
The principal thing that you need to do is to know every last prescription you are taking. Know which one is for treating what disease. Thus you will get comfortable with the medications and will never commit any errors while taking them.

Use Medication Management Tools
Comfort Keepers San Jose Senior Care offers three devices for effective medicine management purposes which are extremely powerful for our seniors to deal with their mind boggling prescriptions and dodge any mixed up admission of medications. Our offered apparatuses are-Pill Dispenser, Tab Safe, MedMinder.

Have a Dedicated Pharmacist
Lessen the quantity of pharmacist or drug stores from whom you take your meds. Make a rundown of all the general medications that you take. Continuously keep it with you and take it to the drug specialist at whatever point you go to purchase your meds. Along these lines the pharmacist too will grow a affinity with you and the meds.

Attempt to Avoid Too Many Doctors
Counseling to numerous authorities and as often as possible changing specialists may frequently prompt pointless admission of pharmaceuticals. Along these lines, dependably attempt to catch up with your regular professional and keep the number of specialists you see to absolute minimum. Having maybe a couple of regular specialists additionally permit them to better screen your pharmaceutical measurements and viability.

Fall Prevention
We stay in a consistent trepidation of falls when we have a senior among us. It is extremely natural to feel so in light of the fact that sudden falls can turn out to be exceptionally unsafe on occasions. The risk heightens if the senior is having bone issues like weak bones or something to that effect. In such cases a straightforward fall may wind up taking you to the clinic bed. In this way, it is a basic requirement for everyone occupied with senior consideration or everyone around our darling seniors to be very much aware of the approaches to viably prevent falls.

These are the best rules from Comfort Keepers Elder Care Services San Jose that you ought to take after to adequately avoid falls, in the event that you have a senior at home. 

● At first have a bone mineral test done on our cherished seniors. This will permit you to know whether any shortcoming of bones is included and if you should be additionally careful about it. In addition, it will likewise identify whether any orthopedic treatment is required.

● Have a full home security assessment done. Comfort Keepers gives master fall counteractive action support through their expert Home Safety Assessment groups. Get your family unit filtered by them immediately! 

● Most of the falls are accounted for to happen in washrooms. Thus, give more than normal regard for your bathrooms' wellbeing points of interest. Guarantee that no-slip floor coverings and shoes are in place alongside safety measures, similar to railings, are introduced. 

● Pay regard for the meds your cherished senior is taking presently. Since some medications are especially inclined to bringing about discombobulation and sleepiness, therefore may effectively bring about a sudden fall. In the event that such pharmaceutical is set up additional attention is necessary. 

● Take proper notice that our adored seniors are having appropriate eye care. Visual hindrances are one of the basic reasons for having sudden falls. You need to ensure that legitimate visual help is set up if necessary.

Ensuring Expert Professional Care
Another most vital issue with respect to senior wellbeing and security is guaranteeing and keeping up the best quality expert care to them. Regularly it happens that we wind up making unnecessary delay in getting proficient senior care or depend a lot on casual family caregivers. Nonetheless, both of the cases can be unfavorable for the prosperity of a senior. 

Dealing with a senior and guaranteeing the most ideal result from a caregiving situation is not so much a simple thing. Untrained and unpracticed casual caregivers won't have the capacity to give the best care that is important to support the delicate prosperity of an elderly and to keep up a decent sound and glad family environment. Moreover, lack of experience may prompt disregarding some vital parts of caregiving that may bring on additional harm to our darling seniors.

On the contrary, expert and proficient caregivers from senior care administrations like Comfort Keepers in-home care services San Jose will have the capacity to draw out the best out of a caregiving setup. They know about the intricacies required with senior consideration, thus will have the capacity to deflect any potential mischief that might be approaching even before they happen. Additionally, their experience arms them with the best methods and systems of giving most ideal care and keeping up physical, mental and emotional prosperity successfully.

Other Safety Issues
Apart from the major areas discussed above to focus in terms of ensuring total safety and security for our beloved seniors there are some minor, yet very useful tips and suggestions that you should also know.

Driving Safety for Seniors
Being a senior, on the off chance that you are as yet driving, then you ought to be additionally cautious about driving wellbeing. You should dependably know your cutoff points and drive under ideal conditions. Should get your vision and hearing tested time to time. Furthermore, you ought to dependably keep up a sound physical condition.

Medical Alert Systems
There are different sorts of ready frameworks that are as of now accessible that screens the general wellbeing state of the body. There are a few wearables that can be worn as a wristwatch which continually monitors pulse, heart rate, body temperature and so forth. Such gadgets can be exceptionally helpful for the security of our seniors with chronic conditions.

Home Monitoring Systems
Apart from medical alert devices you ought to likewise consider introducing gadgets for checking the general wellbeing of your home. Solace Keepers Home Care Services San Jose offers different Home Monitoring Systems for guaranteeing an absolutely safe environment for the seniors at home. Our offered frameworks are - window and door alarms, bedside pressure mats and Motion Detectors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and so on.

Above all, we want to express our conviction that this senior safety, wellbeing and security considerations will help you a great deal in giving quality care to our regarded seniors. Most importantly, at whatever point you need any extra help with your work of giving individual consideration to your adored one just keep in mind that Comfort Keepers Elder Care Services San Jose is dependably nearby; sitting tight for your call.